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Specialist Fasteners for Sheet Metal
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The revolutionary concealed quick assembly and release fastening system FAST-CON® is the new and revolutionary 2 part concealed quick assembly snap on / pull off fastening system. Practically indestructible, manufactured from 301/303 or 316 stainless steel, resistant to fire and corrosion. The small size and the concealed fixing system make it perfect for all kinds of applications. FAST-CON® is a patented metal fastening system that allows you to quickly connect panels and coverings by simply pressing and snapping into place; removal is by pulling the panel away. The FAST-CON® clip system allows for a concealed mechanical fixing, making the union of 2 parts quick and reliable. FAST-CON® is made of 2 parts, male and female, in stainless steel, with a special profile suitable for quick connection and release. FAST-CON® is installed by screwing, riveting or gluing. The clips have a release force (7kg and 10kg) that varies depending on the series used. A FAST-CON® stainless steel centre marking device is available to allow perfect hole alignment every time. Application examples Panelling, false ceilings, boiserie, removable coverings, removable seats, furniture doors, advertising desktop customizations, etc. Benefits Quick and easy installation Flexibility of use Minimum overall dimensions Can be used in every industry Flame resistant Corrosion resistant Long-lasting life compared to the most common plastic systems Accessories
FAST-CON snap on fastener. Male and female parts combined. FAST-CON snap on fastener. Male and female parts. FAST-CON applications. FAST-CON snap on fastener animation. FAST-CON snap on fastener. Attaching wall panels.
Side view
Front view
FAST-CON attached panel front view. FAST-CON attached panel side view. FAST-CON FC-00-FE female recovery pliers. FAST-CON FC-00-LE.12 panel release lever. FAST-CON FC-01-CE.50 Stainless Steel centre marking device.
Stainless steel centre marking device part number FC-01-CE.50
Female recovery pliers part number FC-00-FE
Panel release lever Part number FC-00-LE.12
Fasten the female FAST-CON ®  to the structure by screwing, gluing, riveting.
Insert the FAST-CON®  centre marking device into the female clips.
Line up the panel in the desired position and exert slight pressure. The markings will act as a reference for fixing the male FAST-CON ® .
Secure the male FAST-CON ® centred on the markings.
FAST-CON installation of female part. FAST-CON using the center marking device part. FAST-CON installing the center marking device part. FAST-CON installation of male part.
FAST-CON is a registered trademark of SPECIALINSERT Srl