In a sea of uncertainty let NP be your guiding light. NEW PRODUCT - CROWN-NUT  An Insert for use inside the end of round tube section  The Crown-nut is a revolutionary solution for the creation of a strong reusable female thread at the end of round or square section tubes. Crown-nut solves the issue of how to securely fix to the end of tube section, guaranteeing superior torque-out and pull-out performance. The product range offers solutions for round tube and square section and is available in a wide range of sizes. A version is also available that is designed to accept push-fit castors.  Advantages of the Crown-nut  •	Can be installed into round tube section with a wide internal diameter tolerance range. Thanks to the flexibility of the crown design, the same item code can be used for a range internal diameters. •	The crown is designed so that the shape of the tube section is not altered during installation, guaranteeing the aesthetics of the external surface. •	Crown-nuts are easy to install and are cost effective. The press-in fit is fast and easy, enabling the elimination of traditional and costly assembly processes such as welding and staking.    August 2018
September 2019
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We would like to take the opportunity to wish all our  customers, suppliers and subcontractors a very happy and prosperous new year.     January 2019
On Saturday 31th August 2019 we had a major fire in the administrative side of our building, rendering the whole building uninhabilable. Monday 2nd September and we’re up and running, thanks to the monumental effort from staff and family members. 
Worst Month Ever! On Saturday 31st August we suffered a major fire at our premises in Doncaster.  Fortunately it was late evening and nobody was in the building. It took several hours to extinguish the fire and we were handed back the building in the early hours of Sunday. On Monday we checked to find the stock was unaffected. We located the owners of a vacant property opposite and they passed us the keys and told us to get sorted and they would work things out with us soon. So a massive thank you to Mark Savage and Keith Brierley of Doncaster Maintenance for their incredible generosity. Before we moved the stock we needed to send the orders that were ready to ship for the first of the month. Then we started to move everything we needed. We will be forever indebted to each and every member of staff and the family and friends who gave up time and other commitments to help us. Nearly 3 weeks later, we have achieved far more than we could have dreamt. The only thing we currently need is a telephone system, which is due to be installed on Monday. Our to do list seems to grow every day.  We have also learned so many lessons about how we can improve everything. We need to thank every customer for their understanding and willingness to wait a day or two for us to send parts. 
Office fire New warehouse After just over a year, repairs to our building are finally complete!  On November 7th 2020 we finally moved back into our fully repaired and refurbished industrial unit.  We have used the refurbishment as an opportunity to improve how we work.   We’ve added to our warehouse storage and improved the work flow and layout of our shipping department.  After seeing the collaborative benefits of working together in one (very small temporary) office space, we have opted to go fully open plan for our accounts, sales and purchasing teams.    November 2020 FIRE REPAIRS COMPLETE
The revolutionary concealed quick assembly and release fastening system FAST-CON® is the new and revolutionary 2 part concealed quick assembly snap on / pull off fastening system. Practically indestructible, manufactured from 301/303 or 316 stainless steel, resistant to fire and corrosion. The small size and the concealed fixing system make it perfect for all kinds of applications.
May 2021
FAST-CON Fixing System HAPPY NEW YEAR! We would like to take the opportunity to wish all our customers, suppliers and subcontractors a very happy and prosperous new year.     January 2021 NP
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