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An Insert for use inside the end of round and square section The Crown-nut is a revolutionary solution for the creation of a strong reusable female thread at the end of round or square section tubes. Crown- nut solves the issue of how to securely fix to the end of round or square section, guaranteeing superior torque-out and pull-out performance. The product range offers solutions for round tube and square section and is available in a wide range of sizes. A version is also available that is designed to accept push-fit castors. Specials to suit your design can be made to order. Advantages of the Crown-nut Can be installed into square section with a wide internal size tolerance range. Thanks to the flexibility of the crown design, the same item code can be used for a range internal sizes. The crown is designed so that the shape of the tube section is not altered during installation, guaranteeing the aesthetics of the external surface. Crown-nuts are easy to install and are cost effective. The press-in fit is fast and easy, enabling the elimination of traditional and costly assembly processes such as welding and staking. Note After the insertion of the Crown Nut avoid heat treatments, galvanization and other heating operations that could compromise the characteristics of the product.