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Specialist Fasteners for Sheet Metal
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The capacitor discharge (CD) process is suitable for attaching smaller diameter fasteners to thin sheet metal applications. The weld cycle is completed in milliseconds meaning that weld can be achieved without generating pronounced distortion or discolouration on the reverse side of the panel.   CD stud welding is a versatile single fastening process where male and female threaded fasteners can be end joined to a sheet metal application instantaneously. Male threaded studs, unthreaded pins as well as internally threaded standoffs are available in a range of materials, sizes and  lengths. Single and double earth tags are also available in a range of sizes.   Weld nuts are available in both hexagon and square styles. Ideally suited to applications requiring high strength they are installed using industry proven welding technology to pre-pierced metal panels.   The major advantage of weld studs and nuts is their very low cost, however this can often be offset against the investment required for the installation equipment. Large volume automated production runs truly realise the cost savings of this type of fastener.
Capacitor Discharge Weld Studs and Pins Capacitor Discharge Weld Earth Tags Projection Weld Bolts and Pins Capacitor Discharge Weld Standoffs Capacitor Discharge Weld Stud in stud welding gun Capacitor Discharge Weld Stud discharge cycle Capacitor Discharge Weld Stud attached to panel Capacitor Discharge Weld gun Hexagon Projection Weld Nuts being installed Heaxagon Projection Wels Nuts Din 929 Square Projection Wled Nuts Din 928