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Watch on YouTube Deform-Nut installation process Deform-Nut installation in sandwich panel
1. Drill the correct hole from one side of the panel (blind hole) 2. Insert the rivet nut in the hole 3. Using rivet nut setting tool, pull up the rivet nut to to attach it to the top skin of the sandwich panel 4. Inject structural adhesive 5. Insert and screw down the threaded adjusting insert until it reaches the bottom skin of the sandwich panel 6. Fastener is ready for use (time to full strength is dependant on structural adhesive properties)
Deform-Nut® is a patented threaded insert system that combines mechanical anchoring and structural adhesive to provide strong load-bearing threads in sandwich panel materials (with a honeycomb or composite internal structure). Expensive or complex solutions such as resin potting or bonding of bushes and tie rods can be avoided. Furthermore, Deform-Nut allows you to use the same type of product in a wide range of sandwich panel materials and thicknesses, is easy and quick to install and doesn't require any further processes or finishing after installation. Deform-Nut can be used in any composite material panel, resins, carbon fibre, light alloy, and more. The 3 stage system comprises: A special rivet nut style fastener which is riveted in to the top skin of the panel using conventional rivet nut hand or air tooling Structural adhesive is then injected into base of the rivet nut A separate adjusting nut is then screwed into the rivet nut until it bottoms out on the bottom skin, displacing the adhesive into the surrounding structure to increase load strength
Stone sandwich panel 5mm Marble 15mm Aluminium honeycomb Drilling a blind hole from the Aluminium honeycomb side Blind hole done Blow out any debris Normal rivet nut tooling is used for stage 1 installation Screw the rivet nut onto the tool mandrel Place rivet nut into hole Cycle the tool to set the rivet nut in place and remove tool Inject structural adhesive  two-part Plexus MA300 methacrylate for example Wipe off any overspill Using a screwdriver screw down the adjusting insert Adjusting insert in place Fastener is ready for use After adhesive has reached full strength we test the pull-out Tensile test rig set up for M6 Deform-Nut Failure of the honeycomb occurred at 210Kg Testing side load performance At a single point shear loading force of 584.5Kg… …the M6 Cap Screw failed Deform-Nut Deform-Nut